Thursday, March 18, 2010

Our trip to Lansdowne

Lansdowne as the name implies a British hill station named after Viceroy of India, Lord Lansdowne in 1887.Last weekend we planed from office to go somewhere for outing. Due to our busy schedule in office we wanted some change in our life, so we all make plan to find some new and fresh place to visit. Our Sir Sudipta asked us to find a fresh and new place which is near to Delhi and we could come back on the same day. Everybody searched in internet, and then Janit find this place Lansdowne. We gather as many information we could and final the place to visit on 13th March which was Saturday, so that we could rest on Sunday. I was so excited to go because this was my first trip with my office colleagues. We arranged every necessary thing which is needed during our travel. Sanjeev arranged snacks for us.Firstly, we book two Scorpio because we are14.In each Scorpio we were 7 people.

We got up early in the morning around 3:30am and become ready. At around 5:00am our group came to pick me infront of my house. As I went outside the house it was dark night and no one I could see in my colony. From here my journey started. From here we went to pick our Sir and his wife, they were waiting for us at the meeting point. Our second group also meets there. Then we proceed to Lansdowne. On the way we crossed Ghaziabad, the road was ok but heavy traffic at the morning time. At the same time I was thinking when we reached there? How much beautiful the place would be? About the attraction of Lansdowne etc n etc.

On the way we tell the driver to stop somewhere so that we could have tea. The driver stops around 7:05am and we reached a restaurant for having a cup of tea or coffee. Some of my colleagues were sleeping during journey till here, they went and wash their face so that they could enjoy the beautiful scenery during morning time. We had also taken some pics while having tea. Then again our journey begins. After some time we reached Meerut. It was huge premise of Meerut we take time to cross it.
It was around 8:50am, on the way, there were many villages and grounds full of sugarcane. Both sides of roads we could see Sugarcane. Suddenly our driver stops and the other car also stops and then all the boys of our group started running towards the ground for taking sugarcane, this was one of the most enjoyable moment of our tour. They all bring sugarcane and we have fun while eating those sweet sugarcane. Then we proceed to Bijnore after that Dugadda and so on.
Our next halt station was Kotdwar; it was around 11:00am when we reached. We take breakfast in a restaurant and started towards Lansdowne. It was around 45km from Kotdwar. Finally, we were very near towards our destination but the roads where zig-zag through all the way. We were going up and up at some point I feel scare due to height. But really I could say the beauty of Lansdowne is very amazing. On the way we find a national park but could not see any other animal other than monkeys, because we were going to Lansdowne and not inside of national park.

Lansdowne is a small hill station in the north Indian state of Uttarakhand and Pauri Garhwal district. The climate in Lansdowne is most pleasant. The British during their rule established cantonment here. The Garhwal Rifles of the Indian Army had command office here. They maintained the place at their best in terms of cleanness, proper road, and conserving nature. While travelling through Lansdowne we can see it was surrounded by thick oak and pine forests. Really we can say the beauty of Lansdowne is the gift of God. It is the right place where tourists can adore nature in its eternity. It was my trip in which there is combination of adventure and scenic trip. Adventure in a sense that we climb some of mountains on the way to Lansdowne, and scenic because I found it is one of the most clean nature spot. On the way we took many pictures while climbing hills and the nature`s beauty. It was one of the best drive I ever had.

When we reached Lansdowne, the first view was breathtaking and we all say Wow!!……We were at top and can see down small houses, local people farms etc. The view was so angelic. At present, this place draws many tourists, from all over the world. It is a perfect place to visit because you can save from crowds. Our first destination was Bhulla Lake.

A well maintained and decorated lake where you can have fun while boating and relish in Fun Park. We enjoyed so much when we sit on sea-saw, jhula, we had done sliding and many more things. You can say we had enjoyed a lot. Beside the park there was Army School.

Our next destination was Tip-n-Top it was at most at the top. Here we come to know about a flower named Buras which is good for heart. One of the local men told me about this flower. The flower is red colored and beautiful.

What I can say about Tip-n-Top, I had no words. Most amazing, alluring kind of spot this is. On this top I saw Holiday Cafe & Restaurant; if somebody wants snacks or lunch can have here. We were feeling at the top of the world. From here we could easily see the snow covered Himalaya Mountain. The view from Tip-n Top can be defined marvelous. As you can see in the image view from Tip-n-Top Point.The cool fresh air was blowing giving us pleasure.

From here we climb a little more and saw tree houses which were well maintained. The tree house cost Rs.2500 a night. After this we went to an ancient temple at the top. It is Santoshi MaaTemple. Then we had some games, play cricket and had fun. At around 4:15 we come to city market for having lunch. After taking lunch we proceed back for Delhi.

On returning on the way due to excessive driving, our car got heat so we have to stop. Here the scene was so alluring. We went downwards, water flowing through pebbles and we can easily see fish swimming in water. One of my colleague Karthe catched two fish. Here we halt for 35 min. Again we start our journey while viewing marvelous view of Lancedowne. While coming down through zig-zag hills we play antakshari game and enjoy immense beauty.
At around 6:35 we reached Sidhbali temple. We went up to the temple because it was situated on a hill. We took some sweets for doing prayer and giving to God.The view from top of the temple was very attractive.After spending half an hour we left Sidhbali Temple and proceed towards Kotdwar and so on.

On the way back to Delhi there were many villages as I had earlier discuss where sugarcane found in ample.So we decide to stop over a village and see how people used sugarcane for making jagerry.It was around 9:00pm when we reached here.The driver took us their because he had much knowledge about the whole place. We all went inside a big hut there were one big machine in which sugarcane where grinding from which its juice is coming through pipes and filter in three way process and boiling. In my whole lifetime I had never experience like this.We learn how they make jagerry.The jagerry was pure and all of us tasted it several time.We also had fresh sugarcane juice there.Some of them have 6-7 glasses of juices. But really I could say that we were very happy to come here and enjoy alot.Here we spent 1 hour.

After having fun we come back to car and starts journey. It was around 10:00pm. The driver makes more speed so that we could reach Delhi in time.12:00 am at night we had dinner in dhaba. The food was simple and good. We reached Delhi around 1:15am and I reached home around 2:00am after dropping my colleagues.The journey came to end.The most memorable trip of my life till now where I had fun,enjoyed a lot the true beauty of nature,mountains,forests and watching all the attractions.I am so happy that we choose Lansdowne for making holiday trip.

Attractions:Karnva Ashram is located 14 km from Lansdowne,Sidhbali Temple (3 km) and Charaik Hills (20 km),Jwalpadevi (52 km),Tarkeshwar Mahadev (30 km),Durga Devi Temple,St. John’s Church,Bhulla Lake,Tip-n-Top,Santoshi Mata Temple,Bhairav Garhi temple,tree house,Jungle safari.
Best Time to Visit: March to October

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Cox's Bazar - Natural Sea Beach

Cox's Bazar is a town known for its beaches. It is also known as tourist capital of Bangladesh. Every year thousands of tourist travel to Bangladesh to visit Cox`s Bazar. It is located 150 km south of Chittagong. Cox's Bazar is connected both by air and road from Dhaka and Chittagong.It is world’s longest natural sea beach. Its golden sands appeal the tourist so much. Cox`s Bazar is also known by name Panowa means “yellow flower”. Cox's Bazar is one of the most famous tourist destinations. Here you can see alluring Buddhist temples, pagodas and many more things to enjoy. The beach is stunning for taking sunbathing. The surfing waves attract lot of tourist towards itself. The local people are very humble and helpful. They guide you properly if you need their help. The best part of this beach is watching sunrise and sunset. The angelic beauty can be observed during the sunrise and sunset time. You can have favorable relaxed vacation here. The main rivers flowing through Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh include bakkhali, matamuhuri, Naf, Maheshkhali channel, Kutubdia channel and Reju Khal.

Cox`s Bazar is the place where you can have all fun includes enjoying sea beach activities like sunbathing, catching fish, enjoy the scenery, can view conch shells, tribal handicraft which are made by local people,handmade cigars, delightful seafood, the most famous dry fish of Cox`s Bazar called Shutki can buy from here. Cox`s Bazar is surely Bangladesh ultimate destination.Its immense beauty, vibrant culture and travel spots makes it popular among the tourists.

Best Time To Visit- The best season to visit Cox`s Bazar is from September to February.


Laboni Beach: It is the main beach of Cox`s Bazar. It is mostly crowded.

Enani Beach: This beach is famous for golden sand and ideal place for sunbathing. It is about 32 km south of Cox`s Bazar.

Himchari: Famous for picnic spot with its beautiful waterfalls. The top attractions includes broken hills, Christmas tree, Himchari National Park etc.

Ramu: Here you can see pagodas, monasteries which contain the images of Buddha in Gold and other metals as well. Ramu is a typical Buddhist village. This place has its own charm. The most famous is the large bronze statue of Buddha measuring thirteen feet high and rests on a six feet high pedestal.

The Buddhist Monastery of Aggmeda Khyang is a major tourist spot. It is near the entrance of the town. A number of bronze Buddha statues found here.

Maheskhali: It has an area of 268 square kilometers. It is a small island. The island surrounded by panoramic beauty. The island is surrounded by mangrove jungle. The Adinath temple can be seen on the hills of the coast.

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Kochi: Queen of the Arabian Sea

The Queen of the Arabian Sea; despite India having a vast coastline sharing with the waters of the Arabian sea with beautiful shores, it is only Kochi / Cochin which has the honour of carrying this sobriquet. Cochin has always been in prominence due to its proximity to the sea and the natural harbor that it has. The history of Cochin dates back to the days of Roman Empire when the trade between India and Cochin with Rome was on a full spree. The spices along with pearls and tortoise shells were the basic trading objects. Very soon silk, cotton, honey and oil also found the path through this trade to Rome and other countries.

Cochin is a cluster of islands on the vast expanse of the Vembanad Lake. Some of these picturesque islands are Bolgatty, Vypeen, Gundu and Vallarpadam. The lake opens out into the Arabian Sea here to form one of the finest natural harbors in the world. The actual trading ground was Muziris and Cochin came into existence much later. This natural harbor was actually formed due to nature. In the mid 14th century, a great flood in the Periyar River led to an in the sea. The floods had meanwhile silted up the mouth of the Muziris harbor and this rich ancient port was lost in history almost immediately. The merchants of Muziris shifted to Kochi and thus Kochi came into prominence. It became such an important place that when the Europeans such as the Portuguese, the Dutch and the English, landed in India, each had to face many a battles to establish themselves on this priceless trading port. Vasco - Da - Gama, the first known European to have landed in India and the Fort Manuel is the first known fort built by the Europeans in India.As the trade developed in Cochin, so did the importance of the port and today, Kochi or Cochin is the commercial and industrial capital of Kerala. Many religious and historical monuments have made this place one of the most important tourist spots of Kerala. Along with the Jewish Synagogue and the Chinese fishing nets, the proximity of sea and the famed backwaters of Kerala have added to its beauty and its potential as a forth coming tourist destinations of India.

Location: Kochi (Cochin) is known as the queen of the Arabian Sea. Situated in the district of Ernakulam, Kochi or Cochin has a natural harbor and hence has been a prominent port since days unknown. One of the rare ports of the world having all the three modes of transport, rail, sea and air in full-developed form.

Other Name:               Cochin
Languages Spoken:     Malayalam and English
Long Distance Code:  +91-484
Importance:                 Most important port of India and famous for Chinese fishing nets.
Area: 8700 sqkm
Best Time To Visit:      October To February & Summer months of March, April and May can be enjoyable too.

Kochi Attractions:

Bolghatty Palace

This Dutch palace situated on the Bolghatty Island near the city of Cochin was once the official residence of the British resident of Kochi. Built in 1744 A.D. this beautiful palace has now been converted into a hotel by the Kerala Tourism. It is also known as the Dutch palace as it was actual the residence of the Dutch officials before the British took over. Huge historical portraits, beautiful panoramic view and the most exciting boat ride to the palace are its main attractions.

Chinese Fishing Nets

From far in the sea one can spot these fishing nets on the coast of Cochin. The Chinese Fishing Nets are the only one of its kinds in India. It is said they were brought here from the courts of Kublai Khan in China. Watching the sunset through these huge cantilevered fishing nets is a splendid sight, when the nets adhere to the crimson shadow of the sky. These nets are not only a marvel to watch but also a proof of the ancient trade relations between India, especially Kerala and China.

Dutch Palace

One of the oldest buildings in Cochin, the Dutch palace or the Mattancherry palace is a beautiful structure built in oriental style of architecture. It was the Portuguese who built it and later gifted it to the rulers of Kochi in mid 16th century. Later the Dutch renovated it in the 17th century and since then it was known as the Dutch palace. Neither the Portuguese nor the Dutch ever resided in the building and it was always the bastion of the rulers of Kochi.Most of the rulers were coroneted in this very palace and the palace has a portrait gallery of the kings of Kochi. A temple in the middle of the courtyard dedicated to the royal deity, Palayannur Bhagawati, and the side temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna, along with beautiful murals depicting the scenes from the epic Ramayana, is some of the prime attractions of this palace. A museum displaying the objects used by the kings and the queens is a must visit inside the palace.

Hill Palace

Built in the 19th century by Raja of Kochi, the Hill Palace was the official residence of the rulers of Kochi. Around 10 kms from the town of Kochi, the Hill Palace has an amazing array of plants, herbs and medicinal plants; almost all those are found in Kerala; cultivated here.Today this palace has been converted into a museum and has on display ancient paintings and murals and many an obects of antiquity. The Simhasana, or the throne of the Kings of Kochi is the main attraction along with some objects like ceramic vases from China and Japan.

Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary

Kochi city has surprises to offer. One of many such beautiful surprises that the city offers is this bird sanctuary. The Mangalvanam bird sanctuary is situated right in the heart of Kochi city. It is the home of many exotic and rare varieties of migratory birds and a definite beautiful sight to visit.

St. Francis Church

It is the oldest church built by European in India. On his 3rd visit to Kerala, Vasco de Gama, the Portuguese trader who reached India from Europe by sea, fell ill and died in Kochi. He was buried in the St. Francis Church. Later his remains were taken back to Portugal. In spite of that the exact place where he was buried has been marked out inside the church.

Kochi Hotels:

Total Rooms: 97
Star Category: 5
The Malabar Hotel is situated on Willingdon Island and offers magnificent views of the Cochin harbor and the beautiful backwaters. The hotel is easily accessible from the airport, which is only 10 minutes away. The hotel has a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Total Rooms: 96
Star Category: 5
Located on Willingdon Island, the Trident is hardly 20 minutes drive away from Fort Cochin. It is also quite close to the business area of Ernakulam. The property is architecturally rich and reflects the traditional low buildings of Cochin with their sloping terracotta tiled roofs.

Total Rooms: 120
Star Category: 5
Just 45 minutes from Kochi International Airport, Ramada Lake Resort and Spa is an exclusive 5 star deluxe resort. 8 acres of secluded waterfront land. 120 aesthetically crafted rooms. Floating pool villas, meandering pool villas on stilts, lake facing cottages and deluxe rooms. A 5500 sq.ft. Spa overlooking the lake. The first-of-its-kind in the country. All this and more to serenade your senses and give you a holiday experience unlike any other. A veritable altar of enchantment beside the Kumbalam Lake. Promoted by Synthite Group. A global leader in natural extracts and product solutions. Synthite ventured into the hospitality sector with Riviera Suites. Ramada Lake Resort and Spa is their second undertaking to promote tourism in Kerala. Ramada Lake Resort and Spa will be opened for tourism in early 2008.

Total Rooms: 67
Star Category: 5
This luxury hotel is ideally located between the old city of Fort Cochin and the modern town of Ernakulam. It is clean, private and friendly.

Total Rooms: 109
Star Category: 4
hotel that brings the gracious comfort and elegance of your home to the Cochin city. Travelers & guests will find it the perfect place to mix business with pleasure. Being strategically located it is a boon to the business travelers from all over. About 27 kms from the Airport, 300 meters away from Ernakulam Town Railway Station, a stone's throw away from the Bus Terminus and one of the closest hotel in Ernakulam to the International Airport at Nedumbassery. The perfect place for the business traveler with easy access to fax, telex, telephones and secretarial services. For those who'd like a more relaxed holiday we'll be happy and proud to show you our lovely city the serene, tranquil backwaters, historic palaces and sites of a bygone era, the bustling Harbour.. All the sight- seeing you'd like. Or take a cruise around the beautiful islands that dot the sea around

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Munnar:The hill station of Kerala

During the British rule in India, Munnar was the summer resort of the Government officials. The natural beauty, calmness and mild cold climate throughout the year make it the favourite tourist place of both; Indians as well as foreigners. There are about 30 tea plantations in and around Munnar. The tea estates, hills, lakes and forests inside Munnar range expose its beauty. The Munnar hills are covered by tea plants, which make the feeling of seeing a wide green carpet.

Location: Munnar in South India is located in the east of Kerala bordering with the state of Tamilnadu. While the famous district of Combatore in Tamilnadu is in the north and Pallivassal in the south, Munnar shares its boundaries with Vattavada and Kuttampuzha in the east and west respectively.

Languages Spoken: Malayalam, Tamil, English
Long Distance Code: +91-486
Importance: Famous for tea and coffee plantations
Area: 26.2
Best Time To Visit: September To May

Munnar Attractions:


It is a scenic spot offering majestic views of the tea, coffee and cardamom plantations in Munnar. The undulating hills, the lush mountain and the incredible scenery here is ideal for trekking and extensive mountain walks.

Anaimudi Peak

While in Munnar, visit the Anaimudi Peak, which is considered to be the highest peak in southern India. One can set up tents for camping and trekking at an altitude of about 2700 meters and enjoy the tranquil mountain atmosphere. It is a feast for nature lovers and enthusiasts. This peak provides the ultimate high and holiday experience.


It is located at a height of 1700 meters and famous for its highly specialized dairy farm. You can visit the cattle shed farms at this place on your tour to Munnar. Besides, the Mattupetty Lake and dam is a short distance from the farm and is a beautiful picnic spot. You can also get boating facilities on the Mattupetty Dam that would simply be exciting.

Kuthumkal Waterfalls

An important tourist attraction at Munnar is the Kuthumkal Waterfalls. The scenic waterfalls, falling from spectacular heights and creating a foggy atmosphere is something worth watching out for.


This place is the natural habitat of a rare animal known as the Nilgiri Tahr. The place is located around 2700 meters above sea level and makes an ideal spot to relax and rejuvenate oneself.

Munnar Hotels:

Total Rooms : 34
Star Category : 2
Munnar, once the summer Resort of the erstwhile British Government, is situated 1600 meters above sea level amidst sprawling Tea plantation and picturesque mountain, valley and streams. Munnar has the highest peak in South India, Anamudi, which towers over 2695 meters. Sightseeing and Activities like Trekking, paragliding and boating make Munnar a pleasant tourist destination. Adding to Charm of Munnar is the courteous hospitality offered by Abad Copper Castle . The resort has 38 well appointed rooms and suites, Multi- Cuisine Restaurant, Recreation Room, Meeting Room, Utility shop, Lawn Garden and spacious Car Park. Abad Copper Castle is located on Kannan Devan Hills and offers a panoramic View of the rich bounty that nature has to offer. Come ,indulge in the quiet luxury of our facilitates and relax in the cool and serene surroundings of Munnar.

Total Rooms : 88
Star Category : 3
Sterling Day's Inn in Munnar offers hospitality and service with a wide range of accommodation options. There are studios, single bedrooms and double bedrooms and most of the units have a kitchenette and telephones.

Total Rooms : 29
Star Category : 3
A Hill Station luxury Hotel located 6500 ft above sea level,overlooking the Anayirangal Lake and surrounded by cardamom, tea and coffee plantations. Munnar with its impeccable beauty has become the most sought after destination for your holiday.

Total Rooms : 25
Star Category : 3
Cloud9 is a 3-star hotel located at Munnar, along the Madurai road. It is 80 kms from Thekkady. The nearest railway station Aluva is 130 kms away, and the Nedumbassery International Airport, Kochi is 130 kms from here.

Total Rooms : 25
Star Category : 3
Oak Fields - Munnar, set amidst oak trees, cardamom hills and tea plantations, is just 5 km from NH 49 on the Munnar-Bison Valley Road. It is located in a lush green cardamom forest and mountains swathed in mist. Managed by a team of dedicated professionals to achieve higher standards in the art of hospitality, Oak Fields welcomes you to the beauty and tranquility of nature.