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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dubai a Perfect Destination for Honeymooners

There are enough places in the world that are capable to provide luxury, fun, entertainment and adventure all along for their visitors , but Dubai is the only place that you can combine luxury and romance to last a lifetime. Dubai is the home of sand, sun and shopping mall where gleaming skyscrapers stand next to ancient mosques, golden souks and wind towers. Your honeymoon should be a reward for all the stresses raised by planning and organizing your happiness and fun wedding, as well as a break to enjoy your first moments as a married couple. Every couple has a common desire to make this event beautifully and memorable day for whole life. Most of the couples consider taking holiday break and plan a honeymoon trip to create beautiful memories of their married life. Very few people exactly know where they should go to have maximum fun and entertainment. Few couples love the luxury life style whereas others find adventure trips more suitable option to enjoy. Dubai is one of the city offers all this and many more.

Dubai is one of the perfect potential destinations for the honeymoon of your dreams. Dubai has world’s luxurious hotels and stunningshopping malls, water parks, waterfront resorts, exciting leisure and entertainment spots, golden souks and some other options like glittering man made beaches, internationally renowned nightclubs and golden deserts. By visiting souks you can crown your loved one with luxurious gold jewelry in the largest gold market in the world. Some of the hotels are parts of the sky scrapers that offer you a bird’s eye view of this stunning city. Dubai is world famous for its white sandy beaches and clear blue waters. Dubai has a strange and unique combination of deserts and beaches. If you are a nature lover and want to enjoy your honeymoon trip at a luxurious beach resort then Dubai can be the perfect destination for your honeymoon trip.

If you want to engage in some then you can enjoy diverse sand, air and water based adventure activities. Even ice skiing can be enjoyed at an indoor ski resort at Ski Dubai. Dubai is capable to satisfy the holiday needs of everyone. Don’t forget to get to the top of Dubai’s tallest building (Burj Khalifa) while you are in Dubai. With vibrant nightlife, wonderful beaches and the best water games, and shopping centers that gloat splendid attractions like indoor ski parks have made Dubai a heaven for holiday makers especially for honeymooners.

Dubai has the beachside luxury and urban opulence of a city that is used to providing visitors with everything they could wish for, making it a stunning honeymoon destination option. At the Dubai seashore with white sandy beaches you will find several added attractions like family picnic spots, eateries, playgrounds, areas for barbeque, skiing, surfing and more. For couples dinner on a Dhow Cruise is a good chance to celebrate their love.  This is the right place where you can express yourself. Dubai cruise has been the favorite activity of people. For food lovers and being in Dubai it would be a great idea to join a Dubai Dhow Cruise journey over the dark rich water and enjoy the night beauty along with best world tours. During your honeymoon trip you can enjoy Dubai deserts adventures. The fun of travelling from Dubai to a huge deserted land can be breath taking. You would be amazed to see never ending dunes of sand across you, riding a camel, desert skiing and other natural roller coaster.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Some Hidden Beach Destinations of UAE

We all know about the popular Dubai and Abu Dhabi tourist destinations but what about the rest of UAE!!! Here we bring to you some hidden gems from the country that will make your holiday to the country a much more enjoyable one while you discover some great new places to visit to…


Located just 25kms away from the Fujairah town center, Khorfakkan is a quiet beach stretch ideal for families. However the real secret of the beach is picturesque space, also known as Heart Beach that lies to the north end of the beach. Though it involves a bit of trek that takes about 15 minutes max, perhaps the reason why the place is still unspoiled, the spot that you will get to will be well worth the effort. The spot that you will find is so scenic that it could well be termed as a part of some masterpiece painting. The place is pure uninterrupted heaven with soft white sands and gentle blue oceanic waters. To add more to the whole experience, head back to the nearby Oceanic Hotel which offers some great diving and snorkeling tours.


Located on the northern tip of Oman, Musandam offers some great beach fun for you and your family. Head on to the Khasab port and haggle with the fishermen to take you to a secluded bay. It is your luck where you end up as the place is full of both beautiful as well as spoiled coves. However, the trick is to keep going until you reach the perfect spot which are aplenty and offer you a slice of paradise all to yourself. Do wait up till nightfall when the phosphorescent algae in water make every splash seem like an underwater firework display. So what are you waiting for…Head on to this beautiful paradise and make your trip a memorable one!!!


If described in a single word, the place can only be termed as ‘stunning’. This eastern coastline consists of some beautiful unspoiled and hidden beaches that are so remote that can only be accessed by a fishing boat or a six hour hike. Two of the most isolated beaches of the country can be found on this shoreline- Al Myam and Haffa. Al Myam is more exposed with its white sands framed with Hajar mountains and a small fishing community. Though the tourists are not allowed to walk on the beach, you can have some great fun from your boat itself along with some snorkeling. For someplace less remote, there are various other beaches in Dibba where you can enjoy some great views and deep blue waters.


Just 20 minutes away from the bustling Dubai, Ghantoot beach makes you feel like you are a world away from real life with not a big hotel or crane spoiling the view. With white sands and turquoise blue waters, the place has just handful of people at any possible time that you would struggle to overhear the conversation of the nearby loungers. To add to the experience, there is a quaint little hotel named Golden Tulip nearby with a great cafĂ©. When the night falls, head on to the other end of the beach that has a small bar which comes alive with people playing volleyball and having barbeques. If you are looking for the dual fun of peace as well frolics, Ghantoot is the right choice for you. 

Ras Al Khaimah

This small UAE Emirate has some of the most pristine and most beautiful concealed beaches. There are beaches that are pure white headland while clear unobstructed waters that lap on to the soft sandy beaches. There are no facilities on the beach making it one of the most pristine of all but you can find some great fun at the nearby hotels.

These are just a few of some hidden gems of UAE. Head on to these beaches and enjoy your own great Arabian Nights Adventure.