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Plan Kerala Honeymoon tour for Life-time Memories

Kerala, the most beautiful state, overflow with the beauty of nature that provides opportunity to enjoy holidays to make them memorable for the whole life. It is the perfect destination for honeymoon couples, tourists, nature-lovers and holiday-makers. It is famous for its Waterfalls, Lakes, Beaches, Wildlife Sanctuary, Tea Gardens, Ayurvedic treatments, Valleys, Mountains and many more. The major hill stations of Kerala are Munnar, Alleppey, Thekkady, Kochi, Kumarakom and many more. The rich culture, art, heritage beauty, best accommodation facilities attract the visitors not only from India but from different parts of the world.
Kerala is the best destination for all the newly wedded honeymoon couples. People from different states visit to celebrate their Honeymoon in Kerala, Houseboats are also available to make your trip more romantic. You can also enjoy Ayurvedic massages or treatments. It is the perfect holiday destination especially for newly wedded couples who want to need a space and shares their time together. Here, you can visit many beautiful places and make your tour memorable for the life time. provides Kerala Tour Packages depending upon your own choice. There are several packages available for Kerala like 2N/3D, 7N/8D, Kerala Houseboat Packages, Hill Safari Tour and many more. We are becoming popular day by day just because we provide tourists lots of options to choose and design their own honeymoon tours to Kerala. Thus, all depends upon your preference like where to go, your budget, when to go. We will provide you the complete kerala backwaters tour packages from your arrival to departure including accommodation in the best hotels/resorts, city tour, food, backwaters, sports activities and many more. Best time to visit Kerala is from October to March. At that time we provide you with some good offers & discounts. It is our duty to help you to take right decisions and choose right packages to make your trip unforgettable.
You can observe coconut trees, coconut water, fresh sea-food, forts & temples, regional dances, specialized ayurvedic treatments which brings you back in Kerala over & over again. There are large numbers of places to visit in Kerala. Some of the popular destinations to make Kerala special for honeymoon couples are:
•    Munnar: Surrounded by green hills, famous for its tea gardens and spice plantations.
•    Alleppey: Famous for Beautiful lakes, houseboats, backwaters.
•    Thekkady: Famous for animals, birds and different species of plants& beautiful flowers. Thus make this place more romantic for nature loving couples.
•    Kochi: Famous for old monuments, churches and beaches like Cherai Beach, St Francis Church, Kochi Beach, Dutch Palace, etc.
•    Kumarakom: Known for backwaters and exotic bird sanctuary.
Kerala is also famous for its art. Kathakali-the world famous dance performed in Kerala. It is the mixture of dance, drama and music as Katha means Story and Kala means Dance. Houseboat cruise in Kerala takes visitors to villages; full greenery can be seen within the water, makes the scene more romantic. It will be an amazing experience for the couples. Thus, there are so many things to explore and admire in Kerala. wishes that your honeymoon comes to an end with sweet, lifetime memories.

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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Beautiful Phuket–The Ideal Vacation Destination

Located in Southern Thailand, lovely Phuket faces west in the direction of the stunning coastline of the Andaman Sea. The island has a long and interesting history dating back to 1011 A.D., and individuals who are traveling to this romantic and intriguing area of the world can anticipate a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Part of the island's name is derived from an ancient phrase meaning “mountains made from crystals.” It was a popular resting spot for fishermen during the 13th and 14th centuries, as they commuted between India and China. In the 1800s, Chinese immigrants came to find work mining tin, and during this time the ethnic character of the area's inland became primarily Chinese, although Muslim fishermen were more predominant in its coastal region. In 1937, the island became a province in its own right when Thailand's government changed to a parliamentary system from that of an absolute monarchy. With its fascinating scenery and interesting history it is no surprise that many travelers choose this location for an exotic vacation. Following are some tips for those planning to visit Phuket:


Phuket is typically hot and humid, regardless of the time of year one visits. However, the warmest season usually lasts from mid-March until the first week of May. November through February is the island's coolest season, but temperatures during these months are still warm, similar to autumn in the southern United States. During winter in Phuket, short but strong thunderstorms and sudden torrential downpours are common, which almost always leave the surrounding air fresh and invigorating.

Tourist Attractions and Leisure Activities

Surfing is a sport in which many individuals participate when visiting the island's western beaches. Waves during May to August rival those found in Hawaii, Australia, and other top surfing destinations around the world. In addition, the shoreline of the Andaman Sea is considered a diver's paradise, with its high cliffs and calm waters. Many diving enthusiasts cite the area as one of the best diving locations in the world. However, novice divers should avoid the island's western beaches and begin their diving experience from Phuket's northern shore, which is much more forgiving to first time divers than is the topography of the aforementioned western sh


There is also no lack of championship golf courses on the island, and residents of Phuket take pride in maintaining their courses and ensuring that they are beautifully landscaped and updated on a regular basis. Additionally, golf prices are typically quite reasonable on the island, making it highly popular for both beginners and pros.

Eco-Adventures for Nature Lovers

Outdoor enthusiasts and those who enjoy visiting areas of the world that have been left in their natural state may wish to consider an eco-adventure in Phuket. Guided tours through tropical forests, jeep excursions to the island's center, and other activities for the environmentally conscious are available virtually every day of the year.

A Fascinating PhangNga Bay Cruise

Many vacationers choose to indulge in a mystical and educational cruise around the PhangNga Bay. The latter is a famous landmark with a lengthy history that experienced guides explain while the cruise takes place. Those with children will find this activity especially enjoyable


Active individuals who prefer a boisterous nightlife will also enjoy a visit to Phuket. Here, one can patronize one of the many nightclubs located on the celebrated Patong Beach. The latter is one of the most popular beaches for young adults, and most dance clubs and cocktail lounges in the area will stay open as long as guests continue to arrive. Regardless of one's vacation objectives, a trip to beautiful Phuket is guaranteed to be an exciting and memorable experience.

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