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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Celebrating Yoga at its Birthplace

India is fast becoming popular as the ‘Land of Yoga’ rather than being that old world ‘Land of snake charmers’.  With the increasing popularity of yoga, the motivation for many people around the world to visit India has started shifting from just sightseeing to spiritual and physical discovery. More and more people are now visiting the country to learn more about the traditions of this holistic wellness method. Instead of visiting the Indian attractions such as Kerala, Goa and others, they are visiting ashrams in search of a more unique spiritual experience.

Among the leading yogic destinations of the country, Uttaranchal is the land of Ayurvedic health system and the ancient science of Yoga. In fact, Rishikesh is the yoga capital of the world. It has various ashrams that offer short to long terms courses on yoga, meditation and Hindu philosophy. The place attracts thousands of tourists every coming year who come here wanting to escape from the humdrum and fast pace of the modern life. The relaxed pace of these ashrams and the serene environment in which they impart this wellness regime is a world away from all the daily chores and other modern day impediments that fill our day. Located in the Garhwal region of north India, Rishikesh is a major holy attraction that is always crowded with matted hair sadhus and pilgrims from all over the world at any given time of the year. The various ghats and temples that are speckled all over the city are a different world altogether where the only endeavor of human spirit is to be one with the almighty.

Yoga tourism is today an increasingly growing niche travel area. In order to visit these ashrams, you need to send intimations to the ashrams in advance so that you get the best when you arrive. There is also an International Yoga Festival organized by UP tourism every year from February 2nd to 7th that you can visit. This festival offers you an opportunity to practice various styles of yoga from masters of internationally well known yoga schools and styles. Participants in the same are also guided by the blessed presence and divine presence of spiritual masters and revered saints from all parts of India.

So, come experience yoga as never before at the place where it all started….India!!!