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Monday, June 15, 2020

Flavours of Hong Kong

A vacation to Hong Kong is full of surprises. Not only is the place full of attractions that are pleasing to all senses, there are various delicacies too that make the stay worthwhile. Some of the best dishes of Hong Kong that are sure to feature on your must eat list are as follows:

Dim Sum: Literally meaning ‘touch your heart’, dim sums come in a variety of flavours. iN fact, they may number to almost 150 varieties on a restaurant menu to over 2000 flavors in the entire range with new flavours being innovated every day. Since many locals tend to avoid fried foods early during the day, steamed varieties dominate the palate of most. Designed to be washed down with tea while eating with a group of people, dim sums also come in snack sized portions that may be pan fried, deep fried or even baked. You can find dim sum restaurants on every nook and corner of Hong Kong starting from mid priced eateries to high class restaurants. Just go into the one that suits your pocket and enjoy a quintessential HongKong experience.

Seafood: Served fresh, Seafood of Hongkong comes in various forms- baked, fried, steamed, sliced, grilled, and stuffed. The food is so fresh that you can see it swimming minutes before it is served on your table. For a true satisfaction of palate, head to your nearest seafood restaurant that comes complete with a dining experience ranging from cosmopolitan fusions to sampan style concoctions that are best served with beer. Do make sure to try steamed fish which is the staple of many locals.

Chinese Barbecue: Though the word barbecue conjures images of salad and steaks in backyard, when compared with the popularity of Chinese barbecue, it comes nowhere near. Popularly known as siu mei, these barbecued meals serve as a window into the traditional Chinese roasts. Hanging right in your face at popular fast food chains, high end restaurants and supermarkets, the taste of this will leave your taste buds asking for more. You can also pair your meal with noodles, rice or rice noodles.

Fusion: For a city that has seen a multitude of cultures since its inception, it is hardly a surprise to see kitchens across the city fusing flavours derived from various countries and regions. There are traditional Chinese chefs adding soya sauces to European dishes, thus creating a complete new flavour altogether. In fact, these fusion styles and flavours can be found everywhere in the city- from street vendors to five star restaurants.

Eating in Hong Kong is not just about filling your stomach with anything that is kept on your plate. There are many other factors that make the place a true hub of a vibrant eating culture. Whether its lunchtime or midnight, you will be able to get your choice of food every time. In fact, for a true experience of the truest
flavours of the city, it is best to schedule a late night excursion that brings out the best of the place for you to sample.


Saturday, December 07, 2013

Interesting Facts about Hong Kong

There are few modern cities in the world that can actually hold might in front of the feng shui inspired skyscrapers, hilly topography and blue waters. With some of the best panoramic views of the world, the city is an enigma with its ancient rituals and action movies. Here are some very interesting facts about this beautiful city that you would be thrilled to know:

·         Hong Kong has the most number of skyscrapers within its boundaries. It has over 144 skyscrapers which are almost double the number of that standing in New York.
·         The term ‘Hong Kong’ means ‘fragrant harbor’. The place has been so named due to its various deep sea water ports that act as a major export and import hubs both for the national as well as international business community.
·         The whole of the city is built keeping Feng Shui in mind. In fact, whenever there is any new building th
at is being constructed, the architects and engineers always take the city’s Feng Shui in consideration to decide the placement of floors, stairs and doors. This helps them in ensuring that energy flow throughout the building remains consistent and positive.
·         There is a popular belief that eating noodles are a sign of long life. So, on a person’s birthday, it is considered to be a blessing to eat noodles as a mark of good life.
·         The population density of the city is said to be so high that the schools have to work two shifts a day. The first shift starts in the morning and ends in the noon while the other starts in the noon and ends in the evening. There is also the issue of burying these people in the cemeteries. In fact, there is so little space in the graveyards that the graves have to be stacked on top of each other.
·         The city of Hong Kong is a green area in totality. Around three quarters of the city consists of greenery in the form of gardens, parks , scenic areas and woodlands.
·         The locals of the city also one of the most intelligent in the world according to their IQ average. They have the highest IQ average of over 107 in the world.
·         In terms of tourist influx, Hong Kong is a popular choice for people all over the world. Going according to official figures, over 28 million tourists visited the place in 2011 making it one of most visited tourist destinations of the world.
·         Hong Kong has the largest fleet of double decker tram cars in the world that ply within its boundaries.

·         Instead of being one single area, Hong Kong is in fact made of 200 islands as well as some other polders which also includes land that has been reclaimed from the sea.
·         The population density of the city is 6540 people for every square kilometre. That is a pretty high figure!

Figuring some pretty interesting attractions, Hong Kong is an amazing place to visit that offers a multitude of colourful cultures and panoramas at a single place. The above mentioned interesting facts about the city only add to its allure making it a memorable addition to your travel itinerary. So, go visit this beautiful yet enigmatic place that is sure to add a feather to your vacation plans.