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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

India Travel Tips

India offers a different aspect of her personality – exotic, extravagant, elegant, eclectic to each traveler to the country

If you're planning to visit the India, fallowing travel tips can make your passage to India  much more comfortable and rewarding.
Travel light. You don’t want to drag heavy bags in this climate. India is about cultural immersion, not wardrobe changes. Pack only unlined cotton, linen, rayon, and thin silk clothes anything synthetic or heavier, and you will drip sweat. Bring a cotton-knit cardigan or light shoulder-wrap for frostily air-conditioned hotels and restaurants. Bring a zippered backpack or tote bag when you’re touring or walking around. You’ll be making a lot of impulse purchases and don’t want to carry around a bunch of plastic shopping bags. Forget about perfect grooming. You’ll soon get used to the heat, humidity, and dirty air. If you’re traveling on the cheap, bring an airline pillow for your comfort on crowded buses and trains and for overnights in less-than-deluxe digs. Drink sterilized water: Do not drink tap water. Carry water everywhere or buy on the fly.


Don’t avoid taking cabs. They are cheap. If your cab doesn’t have a meter, negotiate the price beforehand. 
Don’t pack shoes or anything with heels. Streets and attractions lack surfaces flat enough to handle any kind of heel. Even in nice restaurants, fancy shoes are overkill. Indians wear flip-flops or go barefoot. Jeweled flip- flops are as dressy as you need. Sneakers are fine for touring.
Don’t bring expensive jewelry, bags or sunglasses. Not only is India very casual, you don’t want to call attention to yourself or worry about your stuff
Last but not the least, Don’t show too much skin. Kama Sutra aside, this is a modest culture.


Reservations – You can book by phone or email.
Ask for a pick up - this seemed to work 60% of the time. When booking your reservation, ask for a pick up from the train station if that’s how you’re arriving.

 There are always many, many vendors for every product ,go shopping at all non ivy league streets- u'll find some great stuff- local and traditional- search-Bargain- buy! Use this principle and u'll be fine
Bargain shamelessly with vendors. They expect it and will typically go down to about two-thirds of their asking price.