Thursday, November 21, 2013


Dubai loves to shop. The city has just about perfected the art of the mall. Dubai is considered as a shopper’s paradise. Dubai is one of the most popular shopping capitals of the world. The shopaholics from around the world visit Dubai for shopping, even they route their flight through Dubai for shopping only; there is something for everyone to buy in the UAE. Bargains abound but you do need to know where to look.


The city of Dubai is the paradise for carpet lovers. Most popular ones are fine Persian carpets, Kurdish kilims, colorful Turkish and rough-knotted Bedouin rugs. You will find very fine quality carpets at good prices. Well you have to do some bargaining. There are hundreds and thousands of choices to choose from. Quality of these rugs is mostly judged by the method used to process wool. You should know how the wool was treated to make a rug or carpet. If a rug is made with acid-treated wool, it will not look as rich after some years as it was when you bought it. On the other hand, rugs made by proper treatment of wool last for years and don’t lose their color and shine.


You should visit the famous GoldSouk to buy gold. Here you can find all types of gold jewelry in different shades like yellow, pink, green etc. Dubai sells and imports huge amount of gold. Once you walk around Gold Souk, you will come to know that it indeed deserves this title. You will find row upon row of shops with dazzling displays of gold jewellery in every conceivable design and purity: Eighteen- and 22-carat are common, but 24-karat is also available, although the deep yellow hue of the high-carat jewellery is not to everyone’s taste. If you wish you can also purchase kilo bars, ten tola bars, small minted bars and gold bullion bars. The basic cost of the gold is set by weight daily – check the daily prices in the local newspapers.


One can find beautiful khanjars here.  Khanjars are the curved dagger of Islamic countries. Usually the handles of khanjars were made from the horns of rhino but these days handles made of wood are also very common. The general khanjars contains 2 rings in which the belt is attached and its scabbards are beautifully adorned with silver wire. The difficulty of these silver wired-thread patterns determines the cost of the khanjars. However, the Sayidi khanjars consists of 5 rings and are mostly covered n silver sheet with very less or no wire. The costs of these khanjars are determined by its weight and craftsmanship.

Fakes are found all over the world, but in Dubai you’ll find bargains on real, silky-soft 100% pashmina shawls. Women around the world adore pashminas, those feather-light cashmere shawls worn by the Middle East’s best-dressed ladies. If you’re shopping for a girlfriend or your mother, you can never go wrong with a pashmina. They come in hundreds of colors and styles, some beaded and embroidered others with pompom edging – you’ll have no trouble finding one you like.

But aside from setting it alight to make sure it doesn’t melt (as polyester does), how can you be sure it’s real? Here’s the trick. Hold the fabric at its corner. Loop your index finger around it and squeeze hard. Now pull the fabric through. If it’s polyester, it won’t budge. If it’s cashmere, it’ll pull through – though the friction may give you a mild case of rope burn. Try it at home with a thin piece of polyester before you hit the shops; then try it with cashmere. You’ll never be fooled again.

Every conceivable perfume is available in the UAE. Large perfume stores sell all the Western brands at very good prices. Smaller shops in the souqs stock local perfumes, a fragrant mix of Arabian oil blended to suit your requirements, but beware they are strong! You can also purchase incense such as frankincense.

Food Items

Some foodstuffs are also popular here which you should buy. These include cardamom flavored condensed milk which tastes great in coffee. Natco rose syrup is also a specialty which is often poured over ice cream. You should also buy saffron as it is cheaper here in Dubai. Zataar is also used in soups and salads so buy this. Zataar is actually made of thyme, sesame, oregano and marjoram. Sumac is also a food item. It is actually a spice having lemon like taste. Buy this and add it in salads, kebabs and other Middle Eastern dishes. providing Dubai tour packages depending upon your own choice. There are several packages available for Dubai. We are becoming popular day by day just because we provide tourists lots of options to choose and design their own tours to Dubai. Thus, all depends upon your preference like where to go, your budget, when to go. We will provide you the complete Dubai tour packages from your arrival to departure including accommodation in the best hotels/resorts, city tour, food,sports activities and many more. It is our duty to help you to take right decisions and choose right packages to make your trip unforgettable.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Perfect Time to Visit Hong Kong-Macau

Hong Kong, one of the world's most dynamic cities! Hong Kong offers unique experiences to visitors, such as The Peak, Star Ferry, Tramways, dynamic street markets, bustling shopping areas, Hong Kong Disneyland, Ocean Park and etc.

Because of its subtropical climate that is ideally characterized through summers that are hot and humid and dry winters. Therefore, it is not a difficult choice to make when would be the best time to visit Hong Kong Macau., Hong Kong's weather is generally mild in winter and uncomfortably hot and humid in summer, with an average annual rainfall. The most pleasant time of year is late September through early December, when skies are clear and sunny. The best times to visit Hong Kong-Macau are the months of October, November and December. January and February tend to cloudy and cold but it’s quite dry and even during these months one can plan a trip to Hong Kong and Macau. March, April and May are quite warm and the humidity level is also extremely high thereby not the ideal months to travel to Hong Kong and Macau. The heat doesn’t get any better and June, July, August can also be extremely bad, when one doesn’t only need to tackle humidity but also plenty of rains. September is the month of typhoon and therefore Hong Kong and Macau experience extremely bad weather during this month

Hence, one can safely say that for good weather, the best months to visit Hong Kong are October,
November andDecember. In these months, Hong Kong's weather is warm and sunny.  June through September is the months to travel to Hong Kong if you want a good bargain. This is Hong Kong's rainy typhoon season and the weather is hot and humid.
November is one of the excellent months to visit Hong Kong. The typhoon season is over, the weather is warm and skies blue and most importantly of all the humidity has finally been dialed back. It is an excellent time to explore Hong Kong beaches because the humidity finally banished it's the perfect time to walk around the city streets or go hiking in the New Territories.
Hong Kong has a fantasticoutdoors. From the stretch of golden sands on Lamma Island to the hiking trails of the New Territories there's is plenty to explore. The city's oppressive humidity makes this almost impossible in the summer months but whether you want to explore the cityscape of Causeway Bay or stroll a tropical beach November is one of the best months.

Hence, one can safely say that the best time to travel to Hong Kong-Macau are the winter months when the weather is perfect to enjoy all the myriad facets that these two amazing places have to offer. Also, during this season one can think of visiting the numerous beaches, which is not a possibility during the rainy season. However, since this also constitutes the peak season. On the other hand summer months are perfect to enjoy a great holiday and at great discounts because it is the offseason.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Enjoy an Exotic Dhow Cruise Tour Dubai

 If you are interested to enjoy an amazing and memorable holiday? Here’s another “not-to-miss” experience in Dubai. The Dhow Cruise in Dubai Marina is perhaps one of the biggest attractions in the world. The Cruise takes place in Dhow. Dhow refers to an ancient Arabic Boat that was widely used by the people for commercial purposes. If you are planning for a full time relaxing moments then Dhow Cruise Dinner Dubai is the best moment with your family. This is the right place where you can express yourself. Dubai cruise has been the favorite activity of people because not only they get to see the enormous and beautiful Arabian Sea but also get to witness the man made master pieces in Dubai.

A Dhow is magnificently decorated wooden ships have long been used for fishing, trade and travel. It was also used to transport valuable cargo from Africa and India. Since Dubai has flourished economically in recent times, these Dhows have lost their original purpose and are now used to cater to leisure passengers taking a mini-cruise of the historic Dubai Creek. The dhow cruise has not changed much since the olden days and has a variety of attractive options for tourists and visitors to enjoy.

Travelers looking for that perfect and peaceful night with an exotic Dubai Dhow cruise dinner and For food lovers and being in Dubai it would be a great idea to join a Dubai Dhow Cruise journey over the dark rich water and enjoy the night beauty along with best world cuisines. There you will see amazing sea animals in water, as Dubai is complete with amazing locations and visitors’ areas. God has blessed this land so many amazing beauty that we just cannot think about it, the amazing areas, sea, ocean and much more. Visitors arrive in Dubai every year with the sole intention of enjoying the famous Dubai dhow cruise that will give them an experience that is pleasurable and unique. However, most of these visitors have multiple concerns while looking for a reliable and reputable service provider. Not only getting the best cruise experience but also the timing, convenience of the cruise and affordability are some of the major factors that they have to consider before finalizing the service provider for dhow cruise Dubai. All your concerns and worries will come to an end when you approach Prakriti(T2everywhere). The entertainment options ranges from traditional belly dancing and music to live bands and recorded music. There is also a magic show for children and the young at heart. A dinner on a dhow cruise is the perfect getaway for couples that are in need of a romantic getaway. A spectacular view of Dubai’s starry night sky, the beautiful Dubai creek and the romantic music played by live bands are sure to Set hearts racing. It is also a great way to spend time with family and friends.

Prakriti( can arrange the best Dhow cruise tour packages for couple looking for wonderful and memorable dhow dinner cruise Dubai or is on dating. Book your Dhow Cruise Tourpackage with and relax.