Saturday, May 02, 2009

Fairs And Festivals Of India

India is a land of the celebrations.The country has it unique festivals throughout the year.The Colourful mosaic of Indian festivals and fairs - as diverse as the land, is an eternal expression of the spirit of celebration. Indian fairs and festivals always capture the centre stage when it comes to tourism. Foreign travelers are struck by the scale and multiplicity of Indian festivals that have evolved in the society. Even the tourists coincide their trip to India with the popular Indian fairs and festivals. India with its diverse culture and traditions is famous for her many fairs and festivals. The fairs and festivals are therefore the spirit of Indian culture and society. Every season brings some new festivals, each a true celebration. The birthdays of Gods and Goddesses, saints and prophets, great historical happenings and the advent of the New Year, all find expression in colourful festivities. Packed with fun and excitement, festivals serve as an occasion to clean and decorate houses, to get together with friends and relatives and to exchange gifts.In India you could find a lot of fairs and festivals.

Amarnath yatra: In the month of Shravan thousands of pilgrims make trek up to the Amarnath cave in the Kashmir Himalayas.They come to worship ice lingam a symbol of Lord Shiva.

Ambubasi Mela: The Ambubasi mela is one of the numerous religious fairs and festivals celebrated with religious fervor in India. This Ambubasi fair is organized every year during monsoon in the Kamakhya temple at Guwahati. Ambubasi is closely related to the tantrik rituals that are performed during this festival.

Baisakhi: Baisakhi coincide with the harvest time.It is celebrated by different name s and with different rituals almost all over India.

Holi: The 'Festival of Colors' is celebrated in India to welcome the season of spring and end of winters.It is celebrated with lot of gaiety all over India. People meet each other to apply dry and wet colors each other, play with water and eat sweets together.

Kumbh Mela:This fair is celebrated in Haridwar,Allahabad,Nasik,Ujjain. Millions of devotees come from all across the country to witness this distinguished festivity.

Durga Puja: In West Bengal Navratri is celebrated as Durga Puja where beautifully decorated images of the goddess are worshipped in specially erected Puja Pandals. On the final day the idols are taken in elaborate processions to be immersed in the river or the sea.

Some of the festival and fairs are also - Gangaur, is one of the most important and widely celebrated traditional festivals of Rajasthan. Pushkar Fair is the world's largest camel fair held in the holy town of Pushkar in Rajasthan. Diwali in India is celebrated with lots of enthusiasm and happiness. Makar Sankranti, Buddha Poornima, Teej and many more.So you can see India has a huge collection of festivals.

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