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Scuba Diving In Goa

Water sports activities during Goa trip leaves an everlasting impression to the mind of the tourists who seek fun, tranquility and thrilling experience too. Water sports in Goa provide a delightful touring experience in Goa. Scuba diving is one of the popular events that can be enjoyed by true adventure lover. Trip to Goa provides scuba diving highlighting the underwater delight in Goa. You can witness the attractive corals, beautiful shells and fishes under the water. The adventurous water sports like scuba diving offers an opportunity to witness the underwater treasure of Goa. The temperate and safe water of Goa makes it ideal for the beginners. The Goa marine life is quite similar to the marine life in Maldives.

Scuba diving in Goa is a delightful experience. Welcome to the world of underwater delight in Goa. Attractive corals, colored and beautiful, shells and fishes all invite exploration. Adventurous sports like Scuba Diving help you to unearth the underwater treasure of Goa. Underwater visibility in Goa ranges for five meters to ten meters throughout the tourist season. The waters in Goa are safe and temperate. The absence of riptide currents makes the waters ideal for beginners.
Dive Site:
The Marine life of the Goa is quite similar to that of the Maldives. The underwater world of Goa has the presence of Spanish and Portuguese sailing ship wreckage and that of World War II wreckages. This makes the fish life prolific. Grand Island is a much-frequented site for local diving. Popular sites near the island are Suzy's Wreck, Davy Jones Lockers, Sail Rock, Turbo Tunnel, Surge City, Uma Guma Reef, and Bounty Bay. Angria Bank is a world class diving site around 120 miles from Goa. It has an underwater mass about half the size of Goa and is treasure house of corals and fishes. Diving here is an unforgettable experience. The rocky outcrop in the Pigeon Island has an interesting marine life and a very clear visibility. Malvan Shoal has shallow sites in between Vengurla and Malvan. The crystal clear water gives a clear view of the interesting marine life here.

Ideal Season for Scuba Diving In Goa :
The best season for enjoying water sports in Goa is from October to May. It's the season when the skies are cloudless and blue and the water remains placid .

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